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I am taking a few moments while we catch our breath to write in your journal Siggy.

As much pain as I am in right now after being lit on fire, it an having a glorious amount of fun. It’s like the old days, two years ago when we were still charting untamed land, and hunting the Stag Bitch . It was the best. Trusting each other, watching each other’s back.

I miss this.

I miss the trust. I miss the excitement. The simplicity of it all. Before we started ruling a kingdom, and getting paranoid.

I don’t miss nearly starving for weeks on end, surviving off of grubs and fang berries. Sleeping on rocks. Cold. In clothing sticky with grime and sweat. That I don’t miss.

I think… After I get cured, if I get cured. I will stay until the threat to Younderlund is dealt with, then… I will see where the wind takes me. I have more than enough gold, and Mal’s magic gear makes camping so much better.

Who knows? For that to happen we have to survive until whatever is behind this is dealt with. And, to be honest, I don’t think we can do that without trusting each other. I know I will try.


And so it was, high upon the Torres and well above the Vale’s Stairs, where rises from the high water a stony isle of dire report. Known as Vordakai’s Island to those that do live thereabout, some legend of its name doth come down through the locals. For they speak of a guardian that doth destroy all who would set foot upon its accursed shores. They did name no fewer than a twelvecount of their hero-knights who had left their bones upon its rocky shores over the years after having tested their mettle against its dread warden, ’til none would any longer go there for fear of its hidden terrors. And the name of this terror was given unto this Island.
Chat Conversation End

A few days in Katapesh

For the last few days, my humor has returned. I guess the after effects of being killed in some crazy trap is starting to wear off. Either way, the others say I’m infested with something, and it’s turning me evil. But I can’t really tell one way or the other. All I know is that I’ve been a little more…angry. BUt that could just be that some malevolent being killed me, and used a friend to do it. The whole thing was so screwed up.

Anyways. We set out for Katapesh to get me a miracle to fix me. Or so they say. And I’m having fun. Every few minuets I catch a new pick pocket. And pick a few pockets. It was easy to get enough coin to pay for lunch for Amirah and me.

We are heading for the temple of the Dawn Flower. It was after I rembered that you need a god or something for a Miracle. We were walking along and I turned to make a joke at Siggy, but discovered that he wasn’t there. So I guessed that they were still back at the wizard tower we went to. Anyways.

At one point during our walk I was concerned that I got caught pick pocketing people, because I heard the call for the city guard, and a bunch of armed guards ran past us. But THey ran to the spider district.

Anyways. They have some wonderful Kaabas here, and since this is my kind of city every thing is free. Well, most things.

Amirah was a little concerned that I was going against the order of things, and such. But then I explained that it was like harvesting wild fruit. And that there are dangers in both. In the wild you might walk into a hunting trail. Or stick your hand into some poisonous plant. And that it’s her skill there that keeps her safe when harvesting, and it’s my skill here is what keeps me safe.

So far I’ve enjoyed the trip.

Count Siegfried LeFrey Rogarvia's Jurnal Entry 13

As we rode, off in the distance we could to the smoldering wreckage of the city could be seen. My fears became reality as a call from Malvian spoke of an attack. A creature of unprecedented size and power had destroyed many of the buildings in Mithril. over 200 dead, more had Melvians spider bots not intervened. Mostly it was the walls and peoples homes that lay in ruin. By the gods I will have vengeance on those that hurt Yonderland and those that call it home.

Its tracks clear and unmistakeable. I promise to return with the creatures head. and together the elder council members and I ride to where this creature now waited for its death.

(more soon)

Count Siegfried LeFrey Rogarvia's Jurnal Entry 12

The commission to map the southern portion of the green belt and ascertain if trolls were indeed attacking have not gone well. If you need a job done right, do it yourself. I gathered the founders of Mithril together and we personally set out to find these giants and the adventuring party. Trell Gar who has been… in a cave this whole time? Accompanied us as well I’m really confused.

We were able to use a spell to divine what direction to set out for. Before leaving I prepared numerous methods of producing fire. Mel had mentioned that they are weak to its touch. We traveled until we came to a marshy bog. The adventurers are here. I know it. They are probably under the marsh along with all the notes they had made of the Reagen but we wont know until we search.

It didn’t take us long to learn the location of the trolls. Forgotten and abandoned by men and made by the dwarves for the house of Garess, the stone structures and architecture have found new residents. Reaf tried a stealthy approach but his cover was soon exposed due to lack of well… cover. I followed Trell Gar down the path through a hidden tunnel that came around the embankment to the fortifications. Others had taken different routs.

What i thought would be simply a troll or two ended up being many trolls. I depleted nearly half of my magical fire arrows fighting trolls, things with two heads, a troll made of stone, which i thought would exquisite tiles (i was later talked out of such plans), and a troll wearing a harness that was clearly prepared by an outside agent.

He had a necklace that held suspended fireball spells and nearly wiped out the party. I had an escape plan but it proved not to be necessary. I need to equip myself with a wand of cure moderate wounds.

The troll had papers indicating a conspiracy to destroy my cities, while suspiciously avoiding areas that presumably were where fey lived.

I need to get back to mythril NOW.

Count Siegfried LeFrey Rogarvia's Jurnal Entry 11

I remember in the old days when when a kid goes missing, the leadership would hire more kids to help in the effort, giving each a complementary wand that spits forth fire, flame and distruction. WAIT no this NEVER HAPPENED. Things are “different” in Yonderlund. I cannot stress that enough. So far the kingdom seems to be holding together. what would Arminius think of this new kingdom, of me?

A posting put up around the city.

Crave adventure?

Want to help forge a new nation?

Come down to The Fox Trot, where we will be putting up adventuring notices on our notice board.

A Letter Sent to the Council

Deer Lairds an Laidy o’ the Cowncil

Plees help. Ar sonn Tig is missn. Hes all ways ben a hanful runnin off on ’venturs an collectin pets alon the rivver banks. Hes gottn hisself caut up in sum dangers fore this for shur, but this tym hes ben missn for sevvral days.

We jus coudnt bar it if anythin happins to ar boy. We beg o’ you. Plees, plees help!

Loylly yurs,
Garrin an Kestel Tannerson

Making Friends and Influencing People.

It is important that when you come to a new area you get to know the people. Become friends. Get involved in the community.

One way to get involved is through local politics. Voicing the concerns and grievances of your neighbors. This way you can show those around you that you care.

Getting involved in politics can be tricky. It really is best you go through proper channels. going to the petition portion of the council meetings, or to the court, or even a local judge or magistrate. The proper channels are boring, and sometimes can take a while. And in your frustration it may be tempting to simply stand on a fountain in a square, and start ranting and raving. The best thing when you get this impulse is to stop.

Nothing good can come of this.

If you start to rant in front of a crowd, and someone catches you not knowing the whole truth, or making up ‘facts’ you will look like an ass.

If you do this in a city or nation who is ruled by evil dictators, the best you could hope for is a swift death on the gallows after being declared a traitor. But more often than not you will be thrown into a prison cell, and forgotten.

The ruling body of Younderlund is different. We strive to be better.

We would hear all, and make sure that any legitimate claim or grievance is heard and approached with respect. We want our citizens to feel not just like they are living here, but like they belong here. A part of something greater.

Younderlund is like a newly planted tree. Growing and sprouting. We will have to weather storms in the future, but the roots we are laying are going in strong. And with the proper nourishment they will grow even stronger.

A new friand ?

werewolf stuff goes here.

Surveying the region north east of Mythril there were many encounters. A cave was found, since traps were discovered, we could not let it go unexplored, given the chance a citizen of yunderland might unknowingly fall upon it. a sign might deter some but not all. We discovered the trap was very clever. had we fallen for it i am not sure of our chances. The trap exhausts or paralyzes any who fall upon it, and then animates undead an a series of tombs further beyond the central corridor. I feel it is abhorrent to disturb the dead, however i sensed great evil coming from them. we dispatched them without much difficulty, although The man who aspires to succeed Kesten was overcome with a sickness of the spirit.


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