Count Siegfried LeFrey Rogarvia's Jurnal Entry 12

The commission to map the southern portion of the green belt and ascertain if trolls were indeed attacking have not gone well. If you need a job done right, do it yourself. I gathered the founders of Mithril together and we personally set out to find these giants and the adventuring party. Trell Gar who has been… in a cave this whole time? Accompanied us as well I’m really confused.

We were able to use a spell to divine what direction to set out for. Before leaving I prepared numerous methods of producing fire. Mel had mentioned that they are weak to its touch. We traveled until we came to a marshy bog. The adventurers are here. I know it. They are probably under the marsh along with all the notes they had made of the Reagen but we wont know until we search.

It didn’t take us long to learn the location of the trolls. Forgotten and abandoned by men and made by the dwarves for the house of Garess, the stone structures and architecture have found new residents. Reaf tried a stealthy approach but his cover was soon exposed due to lack of well… cover. I followed Trell Gar down the path through a hidden tunnel that came around the embankment to the fortifications. Others had taken different routs.

What i thought would be simply a troll or two ended up being many trolls. I depleted nearly half of my magical fire arrows fighting trolls, things with two heads, a troll made of stone, which i thought would exquisite tiles (i was later talked out of such plans), and a troll wearing a harness that was clearly prepared by an outside agent.

He had a necklace that held suspended fireball spells and nearly wiped out the party. I had an escape plan but it proved not to be necessary. I need to equip myself with a wand of cure moderate wounds.

The troll had papers indicating a conspiracy to destroy my cities, while suspiciously avoiding areas that presumably were where fey lived.

I need to get back to mythril NOW.



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