Making Friends and Influencing People.

It is important that when you come to a new area you get to know the people. Become friends. Get involved in the community.

One way to get involved is through local politics. Voicing the concerns and grievances of your neighbors. This way you can show those around you that you care.

Getting involved in politics can be tricky. It really is best you go through proper channels. going to the petition portion of the council meetings, or to the court, or even a local judge or magistrate. The proper channels are boring, and sometimes can take a while. And in your frustration it may be tempting to simply stand on a fountain in a square, and start ranting and raving. The best thing when you get this impulse is to stop.

Nothing good can come of this.

If you start to rant in front of a crowd, and someone catches you not knowing the whole truth, or making up ‘facts’ you will look like an ass.

If you do this in a city or nation who is ruled by evil dictators, the best you could hope for is a swift death on the gallows after being declared a traitor. But more often than not you will be thrown into a prison cell, and forgotten.

The ruling body of Younderlund is different. We strive to be better.

We would hear all, and make sure that any legitimate claim or grievance is heard and approached with respect. We want our citizens to feel not just like they are living here, but like they belong here. A part of something greater.

Younderlund is like a newly planted tree. Growing and sprouting. We will have to weather storms in the future, but the roots we are laying are going in strong. And with the proper nourishment they will grow even stronger.



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