Oleg Leveton

A gruff mannered trader who moved to the wilderness to escape the politics of Brevoy


ekaterina – a straightforward kind of guy who lives in a run down old fort. we saved them from bandits so we get free room and board at his fort whenever we want. currently he is storing our extra horses, my kitty, and our wagon-mounted balista whenever we arent using them. he is a trader and we can buy stuff from him if we need.

Siegfried – An overworked free man down on luck, that is until we arrived. Operates a trading post that became the target of bandits. The trading post seems to be one of the only locations of commerce for miles. Its good that we found this place and arrived when we did. Now we have a location to return to should we need supplies.

Ræf- Alright with a hammer, but didn’t do much to actually fight for his home. Maybe good for a few supplies at a good price, and place to stay but I wouldn’t trust this place to not leak, or fall down at a stiff breeze.

Oleg Leveton

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