Game 1 - ekaterina
the proper uses of a pit trap

We set out on our quest to map the territories we were assigned. We traveled uneventfully for a few days then reached Oleg’s outpost where we heard about some issues with local bandits. Among the bandits who had previously extorted goods from oleg was a female (leader?) described as the ‘scary lady with axes’.

we dug a pit trap, prepared the tree above the door to fall if we pull a rope, and made a balista out of some other broken siege weapons. We were somewhat less successful at using our traps and weapons than we would have liked, but managed to rout the 4 bandits who showed up at the fort the next day.

we followed the bandits tracks south, mapping along the way. we had an altercation with a warg, and saw (but didnt follow) a will-o-wisp. most interestingly we encountered a strange circle in the tall grass with bones of many animals in it. there were tracks of the animals and people coming in but no other tracks and no tracks of going out. Unable to figure it out we continued on.

we also found a vein of gold

game 2 - ekaterina
the proper uses of a bear trap

we made it to the bandit encampment.

as we approached we saw a wagon overturned with a hint of gold inside. i suspected it was bait for an ambush and rather than hide waiting – playing a game to see which side would show first – i strove into the clearing and (keeping an eye out for attackers) reached towards the gold.

Clang! caught in a bear trap, oh the embarrassment. A trap within an ambush. Clearly i underestimated the deviousness of these human bandits. It hurt considerably but fortunately it didnt impede my casting or attacks. Raef dispatched a few under the cover of the trees and the rest of us used our ranged attacks to contribute as well. When they started to run my friend entangled them and we were able to finish them off.

unfortunately removing the bear trap was even more painful than springing it was. I confess i lost consciousness but my allies helped me recover. We took a good amount of spoils from the bandits including some herbal alcohol.

making our way back north we mapped quite a bit of terrain. We discovered some kobolds in a patch of moon radishes – a hallucinogenic for that species it seems. We also met a trapper (Malachai) with quite an impressive accent. he had a strange firearm and offered to sell us a broken version of the same for 400 gold. Even though we had offered the full price he settled for one bottle of the alcohol and a night of telling stories. I was sure we had gotten the better end of the deal but when we received the weapon it was little more than a collection of parts. It will be up to malvion to make something of them.

Game 2 - Siegfried LeFrey
Traps, Moon Radishes and MoonShine

After the events that transpired at the Outpost, we tracked the bandits to their encampment. It would seem that i am the only one in this traveling party that is concerned with his or her own safety.

Ekaterinas idea of foiling an ambush is to spring the ambush and do exactly as is expected. In this case putting ones hands into a bear trap. I am relieved that they were not immediately mutilated and that she was able to assist in the fighting.

Ræf seems to be luck incarnate. The other day he couldn’t stand on a beam of wood to save his life and today he was able to throw daggers into trees taking out men who even i had difficulty spotting. His large frame still manages to catch anything that is fired or thrown at it though via his torso. Even with a dagger protruding from his chest though he managed to fight on. I am worried for his continued well being.

Malvion has a spell he as quiet fond of using. Its effective no doubt, but his eagerness to get close to the enemy, without much protection led him to dive into a river leaving him exposed. Going prone when arrows fall is a good idea, but one should do so behind cover. perhaps he thought the embankment would offer some protection? This action led many of the other party members to come to his aid as they frolicked out in the open, arrows raining down all around them. I am glad the bandits are more used to shooting deer then men.

Amirah seemed quite today. I wonder if she is still in shock at meeting me after all these years. Could she still be upset?

An oddity happened in this fight as well. An arrow that i let loose that was sure to miss its target managed to correct its coarse and land a victorious blow on the bandits leader, dropping her to the ground. I must really be blessed by the gods.

After the fight had been one, the leader of the bandit group lay on bleeding and unconscious. Many of her comrades had already been killed where they lay. I had thought that maybe we could use her to help us find this stag lord but if my comrades had been killed as we had killed hers, i would not be in a very talkative mood, and more in a revenge at all costs sort of mood. The charter did state killing bandits was our duty but it still felt as if it was in cold blood.

We found many treasures at the camp but we did not find the Svetlana’s ring.

I am not sure if this is a blessing or a cursed but through Amira’s magic we discovered a rich source of food in the wilderness. the only problem is, they are quite painful to eat. I am not sure how much more of these i can stomach. I haven’t complained but i am close to cracking unless we find a new food source.

We came across a Deer today. We killed it as with only berries to eat was too much. It gave us enough food for 1 day. Our methods seems rather wasteful. In the future i think it should be possible to use magic to allow for better preparation of the food.

Among our travels we uncovered Moon Radishes along with two intoxicated kobalts. I am glad that other members of our group were not as blood thirsty as i expected they might be, however there was a catch. We set them on there way and marked the location of moon radishes. Then Mel i think thought up possible uses of these radishes that seemed similar to what crime lords did back at (location) using poppy plants. I cant say i was thrilled about the idea.

Finally this log of my memories ends with an encounter involving a man named Mordicai Jobess who we met on our return to outpost. At first I doubted that he even spoke common but after a while i began to understand his meanings. I am rather uncomfortable with this. He seemed nice though. I wonder if he had trouble understanding me as much as I him. He did not seem that impressed with the stories of nobility.

Game 3 - Siegfried LeFrey

Siegfried -
We returned from the bandit camp to the outpost. It seems in our absence a man named
Kesten Garess along with reinforcements have secured the outpost. I wonder if this has anything to do with our actions to pacify the land? who gave the order? I wont complain for a more civilized place to stay after days of eating berries and sleeping on rocks, its just strange that they suddenly show up now.

There is also a man here with a flames spilling from his cloak. I instantly had a bad feeling about him, i was almost ready to put an arrow through his chest. But then it occurred to me that that Kesten has already interrogated him, so i started talking to him. It turns out he the spawn of demons and devils and that he struggles to fight his birthright. I think we can get along for now. But i should keep an eye on him none the less.

We found out what the circle of bones was. Apparently it is called a trap door spider. as large as a man, this creature has been killing travelers and bandits. Thanks to myself and the rest of the party we have slayed this creature so that it may no longer pose a lethal threat to others.

We adventured along the southeast portion of the Greenhaven. Along they way we met a potion maker who wanted to find some of those foul berries. He was very rude and inhospitable. But due to his assumed skills as a potion maker we can ill afford to ignore his request for those foul tasting berries we have been eating.

using a map we found in the pit at the circle of bones we found a small tree with some disturbed earth and uncovered a very old spell book with a wand that produces intense heat and fire.

as we traveled along the river we found a burnt out building. chard corpses lay unburied among the devastation. With intent to cross the river I sounded the bell and something unnatural approached. A bloated corpse approached from out of the river seeking revenge against the stag lord. It seems he will not aid us in crossing the river unless we become his vessels of vengeance. we left. After i return from killing the stag lord i will let the fallen here rest.

Moving along the edge of the river we discover a very large tree. at least 100 feet tall. one of the other members of the party discovered a hidden passage leading underneath the earth.

Under the damn tree we found a cave system inhabited by stupid creatures called Mites. There was a f***ing swarm of them.

While I and our new friend covered one side, we sent the others down the other way. This was our first mistake.

When myself and (Brian’s character) hurried down the westen side we didn’t take the time to watch, and be silent. That was our second mistake.

We were ambushed by a giant bug, nearly killing (Brian’s character). I was only able to kill it with luck.

Meanwhile the other when around the other way and found themselves in a bad fight with over a dozen Mites, and one riding a Tick the size of a pony. Their fight went as bad as mine and (Brian’s Character)

But after dealing with the huge bug, we finally came around for the flank, after that the fight was quick. And while we were all bloody we were still standing.

Siegfried -
Wait what? this isn’t my handwriting… Ræf i think we need to have a talk about personal boundaries and peoples belongings. Also if your reading this, which you probably are, we also need to establish a rule. NEVER SPLIT UP THE PARTY.

What are you talking about? Everything worked out. Mistakes were made, yes, but one should never swear off something entirely. Maybe flanking maneuvers would work later. Maybe splitting the part would be unavoidable. Let’s just say that it happened, and we learned from it.

Oh this is your journal? Sorry, I just saw it laying there, in your pack and wasn’t sure. I would carry my own, but my pack is full of soap and clothing. If I gave you one to carry for me would you?

Game 4 - Ræf
This is Ræfs personal jurnal.
Game 4 - Siegfried LeFrey
This is Sigfried LeFreys personal jurnal not to be used by Ræf

after fighting under the tree nearly everyone required my personal touch. Sometime in the night i was awoken. (Brians character) apparently had started a fire inside the tree to kill kill the centipede eggs. Though the use of my sisters magic we managed to put the fire out. I can only imagine what could have happened if we were not awoken by Ekaterina. it seems even at night i need to keep an eye on (Brians character). Although we agree on many things he is quite reckless at times and prone to action without fully conceptualizing its implications.

we headed back to the outpost and discovered that Malvion der Grimmnebulin, is quite the builder. Nearly a full mud brick tower has been built as well as many improvements to the outpost. I wonder if he can build me a better bow at some point.

I finally got a chance to fully speak with Jhod Kavken. he spoke of a temple shrine to the south, to his god. There is apparently a very large bear that he wishes us to put to rest. What that means, i am not sure. Are we to kill it or is there something more complex at work here. Jhod could not elaborate as he claims this is a vision he had in his sleep. If he is not wrong, i sense divine power at work here.

We head west. My assumption is the cursed corps we met would have let us pass the river if the stag lord was further south. It turns out we quickly find out that my assumptions were wrong. We came across 5 bandits on our travel west. one had died. bear trap. Another was bleeding out. Bear trap. the other 3 were trying to remove the trap. These are difficult to disarm. This probably resulted in the death of the already dead bandit.

I am not proud of what we did next. In there confusion we fired various missiles at the bandits taking them out quickly in a single volley. The one who was still alive and trapped, we healed and interrogated using magic and smooth talking. He marked on the map where the stag lords base was located. It was past the river south. What kind of vengeful spirit actively obstructs justice in there cause? I am very confused by this.

A few days ago Ræf found had found out that the vengeful spirit has cursed him with some kind of nightmare spell. If we dont kill the stag lord, he is as good as dead. Finding these bandits was serendipitous

moving on we quickly learn that this entire forested area is covered in bear traps. I dont understand how there can be this many bear traps. This area must be cursed. It might also explain why there are to elk… (Brian’s PC) discerns a method of safe travel using a stick to probe the underbrush. This slows our travel and it takes twice as long to survey the area, but we suffer no injuries. After we are finished we return to the outpost in order to gear up for our inevitable encounter with the stag lord.

I should also mention, throughout our journey the last couple of days something has been silently stalking us. My sister thinks it is the Fey. I could reveal them with a little trick I learned, but it might be safer and wiser to let the fey reveal themselves. We leave them gifts and preform dances and song. All but (Brian’s PC) seems to have impressed the Fey, as the practical jokes seem to follow him wherever we go. As a group we try and coach him in how to best show the fey that he is friendly and fun at parties.

When we return to the outpost two creatures the Fey reveal themselves.

Game 5 - Siegfried LeFrey

We rode out , traveling along thorn river. After traveling for a few days we came to the top of an embankment and before us was the fortress of the staglord. while i pondered over strategy Ræf stealthily crept up to the fort. Really the rest is a bit embarrassing. I would rather not go into the details.

Long story short, I exchanged arrows with the stag lord and weaken him so that Ræf was able to finish him off. We nearly all died. Something needs to change otherwise this charter mission is going to result in all of our deaths.

Game 5 -Ræf

I have avenged my family. I hope my family can rest easy now.

We came to The Staglord’s fortress. And I tried scouting, but the place seems to have been built on cursed ground. Anytime something live goes on the hill it’s on top of a hoard of undead appear. The only exception was the path that goes to the front door.

So after botching the scouting job I figured that it would be easier to talk my way in. And I was making some headway, but soon discovered that there was a pass-phrase that we didn’t get out of our captive before murdering him. Or executing him, since that is called when it’s an official murder.

Anyways, they drop us in a pit and toss in some sleeping gas bombs. And soon everything when dark.

When I woke up most of my weapons and gear was gone, except for my picks a pair of daggers, and my sling. After a quick headcount we discovered that Ami was gone. I figured she got away because that lady is good, and Betzy. Sadly we were chained to a wall a few feet from a rabid owlbear. On the other side of the caged bars there was a man who made us an offer. He would look the other way if we killed the Bitchlord and let him take the place. I know my thoughts were “Sure, then we kill you because it is still our job.” So after agreeing to the deal he unlocks the bars, and we escape.

I got a little confused, because I was about the end the suffering of the rabid owlbear, but everyone stopped me. The thing was obviously rabid.

We discovered that the man had killed all the guards in the bunk room, but not the one in the supply room. Who reminded me a little bit of Sieggy.

Anyways a short and fairly quiet fight later he is knocked out, and here is the next mistake. He wakes up when Mal and Sig are tying him up and starts to yell out “LORD!”

Eka and I go to the Stagass’s door, and were about to try and get it open, when from the far stairs more of the Bandits start to fire arrows.

So it was a fight, but I was so close to my revenge I could almost taste it. Eka and I hear the bastard stumbling around retching knocking things over in a drunken stupor. We figured he was still in a bad state from the night before but was trying to get ready. So As quickly as I could I popped the lock, an impressive feet mind you. Sadly that was almost our downfall.

The Stagbitch was playing possum. He was up and ready when the guard started yelling. He shot me and nearly took me in the heart. But I was not going to let Eka face the bastard alone, and I wanted his blood.

The fight was brutal. Eka and I went down. Asslord’s helmet seemed to make him able to aim for our most vital spots. So I figured “fuck, this is how it goes. THe bastard gets away.” But then I woke up. A vial of healing potion floating above me, and the Stagcunt’s back to me. So I had a choice. Save Eka, or try and go for the kill. A quietly as I could I moved over to Eka and fed her a healing potion while Siggy and Fuckface exchanged a ton of arrows.

At this point I was vaguely aware of it raining blood in the room Siggy was standing in. I should have been a more curious, but I saw that Ami and Bettzy were back, and coated in blood. So the math added up.

Anyways, With Eka back on her feet I took a moment then Stabbed the Staglord in the back.

I felt him take his last breath. And it felt good. Justice was done. Father would have been proud it was his blade that made the killing stroke.

As much jubilation I felt it was short lived. The duelist that let us out of the cell came out of hiding, knocking out Siggy. He wanted to duel Eka. A one on one honorable duel.

We of course would have none of it and ganged up on the stupid fuck. After killing him we were left in a room still raining blood. A little while to rest is in order and then taking everything that isn’t nailed down. And then getting the pry-bar and taking the rest.

Oh yeah, and then take the Bastardlord’s head to the river ghost and get me un-cursed.

game 7 - Sigfreid Rogarvia

Upon slaying the stag lord and pacifying his keep, we returned to Olegs. A warrant for the Stag lord was quickly put on the quest board and just as quickly was taken down as the deed had already been completed. With his death assured, Brevoy was ready to colonize The green belt.

New government and leadership for this colony was in need of establishing. I was quit listening to the others speak. It was agreed that we would create an Autocracy.

Among the colonists, and party members who fought to pacify the land, none were as qualified to be this lands new ruler as I, With the exception of Malvion, however his experience was read in books and had never actually seen the inner workings of government or how messy it can get. Also I wonder if he has the people skills it requires to lead. He will make an excitement advisory though. Besides i imagine he would rather spend his time crafting and building and thinking of new ways to view and understand the heavens.

With my charisma and grace I had become the baron of the newly formed Yunderlund. Our capitol was named Mythril.

At some point during all this Jhod Kavken came to me and spoke with me privately. He was concerned with my spiritual well being. At first I felt insulted. I have always been devout to Shelyn. But then I came to realize, If I am to play some sort of important role in this colony I would need to adjust my views and and align causes to the people who inhabit it. The people of this land are more in tune with Erastil. This makes sense in many ways. So I decided to champion his causes. Shelyn is still my personal god though. I have not turned my back on her. Art will always be on the forefront of my mind and my motivations, but no longer apart of my knightly oath. I will still champion Shelyn’s causes as a man who loves beauty. The people of this new colony needs my bow now more then Shelyn does.

Upon being named Baraon I made a dangerous choice to use my fathers last name and officially took it as my own. Rogarvia. Amirah my sister became the councilor, Kestin Garess became the general, Ekaterina Luvin became the Grand Diplomat, Jhod Kavkin became the high priest, Malvion became The Magister I was also happy to give him the title of Grand Architect, even if it carried little weight. Mordecai Jobess became our Marshal. (Brian) became the uh, hmmmm Royal “Enforcer”. I hope he is never actually needed. Raef became the Spymaster. He fit the role well. I often wonder what events lead up to him being as he is. Oleg became the treasurer, and Akiros Ismort became the warden.

This new Kingdom’s formation did not follow as smoothly as I had liked. Even with the substantial amount of goods found in the stag lords keep, we managed to expand faster then could be supported. Just when we managed to get things under control, a Feud broke out between a noble merchant house who had asked to settle in the kingdom provided they construct their own manor. This Feud has been trying my patience and going on for at least 3 months. If I find that any innocent lives have been harmed, I will have to resort to drastic measures.


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