Treasure List

Art Items and Gems

Rainment of Ekaterina
(commlink, and camera)

This form fitting black suit has glittering traceries of mythril along its limbs connecting platinum nodes around the joints. These glow dimly when worn.
(regenerates charges over a day exposed to sunlight, and it’s max charges are always equal to the player’s level)
Aura strong transmutation; Price …shhhhh
+1 shadow leather armor grants a portion of the grace and fortune of a feline. It has no armor check penalty or maximum Dexterity bonus. The wearer receives a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks and takes only half normal damage from falling. When the wearer’s hit points would be reduced to a negative amount equal to her Constitution score from an attack or spell, the armor falls to pieces and is destroyed, and the wearer takes only half damage from the attack or spell.
Lenses: The skintight hood contains mirrored circular lenses that affect the user as “Arcane Sight” and “ebon eyes” for one charge per minute.
(with gravity suit)

Gravity suit charges per day (by level)
The armor bonus provided by an unpowered gravity suit is +0, but when activated, the suit generates a field of gravitons around the wearer that grants a +5 armor bonus (this bonus is a force effect). This bonus is doubled when it applies to the wearer’s CMD score against bull rush, overrun, and trip attempts, and slows any fall as if the wearer were under the effect of a feather fall spell.

At the cost of 1 additional charge per minute, the wearer of a gravity suit can fly at a speed of 60 ft. (average). Activating this ability is a standard action.

- stag lord silver deer skull amulet (4)
- pair of silver earrings
- crates of furs (3×50g)
- ivory statuette of a crouching devil
- bottles of herbal alcohol (5)
- silver ring
- pair of turquoise earrings
- iron ring
- azurite crystal,
- carnelian
- hematite
- obsidian
- red garnet
- silver charm bracelet
- entwined succubi belt buckle (pewter)
- giant bag of jewelry


- 13 platinum
- 5229 gold
- 0 silver
- 0 copper
- chest of unsorted coins

Weapons and Armor

- leather armor (25)
- studded leather armor
- goth studded leather armor
- shortbows (11)
- shortswords (24)
- masterwork handaxes (2)
- longbows (14)
- miniature catapults (2)
- caltrops (one bag)
- small spears (12)
- masterwork longbow
- club
- spears (5)
- arrows (362)

Things to look into further

- paper in strange language (them: magic dust, coins, ring. us: kobold statue, spears, coins)
- white enameled sword with vines (not identified yet, belongs to fallen paladin)

Magical Items

- wand of burning hands (CL 3, uncertain how many uses left, currently Ekaterina has)
- 1 rapier (black and spiky, currently Ekaterina has)
- potion of cure moderate wounds (3)
- +1 redwood composite longbow (
2 str rating, currently Seigfreid has)
- shell necklace of 1 natural armor (currently Betsy has)
- Stag lord armor kit (heavy fur cloak, leafy gloves, leather kilt, boots with leaves – collectively grant the benefits of +1 leather armor. currently Amirah has)
- stag helm mask (
2 perception. 1/day free action to make one opponent flat footed against your attack for one round. probably further benefits if you worship the right god. currently Raef has)
- spellbook (identify, mage armor, reduce person, unseen servant, silent image)
- potion of lesser restoration
- +1 ranser (turns into water and can be summoned by ‘owner’ from water. currently Amirah has)


- 6 horses with packs
- cart with a balista and a work station
- 4 tents
- large crate
- case divided for 24 bottles
- burlap sack
- bear traps (11)
- trail rations (47 days)
- bisquick
- chests of bedding (2)
- leather masks (3)
- bolt of burlap
- chest (empty)
- wooden dolls of knights and dragons
- hides
- crates
- 50 ft lengths of rope (4)
- chisels
- hammers (2)
- tins of nails (3)
- skin of wine
- pelts
- misc. adventuring gear
- bronze, iron
- tobacco

Treasure List

~Kingmaker~ Venomouslobster