A few days in Katapesh

For the last few days, my humor has returned. I guess the after effects of being killed in some crazy trap is starting to wear off. Either way, the others say I’m infested with something, and it’s turning me evil. But I can’t really tell one way or the other. All I know is that I’ve been a little more…angry. BUt that could just be that some malevolent being killed me, and used a friend to do it. The whole thing was so screwed up.

Anyways. We set out for Katapesh to get me a miracle to fix me. Or so they say. And I’m having fun. Every few minuets I catch a new pick pocket. And pick a few pockets. It was easy to get enough coin to pay for lunch for Amirah and me.

We are heading for the temple of the Dawn Flower. It was after I rembered that you need a god or something for a Miracle. We were walking along and I turned to make a joke at Siggy, but discovered that he wasn’t there. So I guessed that they were still back at the wizard tower we went to. Anyways.

At one point during our walk I was concerned that I got caught pick pocketing people, because I heard the call for the city guard, and a bunch of armed guards ran past us. But THey ran to the spider district.

Anyways. They have some wonderful Kaabas here, and since this is my kind of city every thing is free. Well, most things.

Amirah was a little concerned that I was going against the order of things, and such. But then I explained that it was like harvesting wild fruit. And that there are dangers in both. In the wild you might walk into a hunting trail. Or stick your hand into some poisonous plant. And that it’s her skill there that keeps her safe when harvesting, and it’s my skill here is what keeps me safe.

So far I’ve enjoyed the trip.



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