Count Siegfried LeFrey Rogarvia's Jurnal Entry 11

I remember in the old days when when a kid goes missing, the leadership would hire more kids to help in the effort, giving each a complementary wand that spits forth fire, flame and distruction. WAIT no this NEVER HAPPENED. Things are “different” in Yonderlund. I cannot stress that enough. So far the kingdom seems to be holding together. what would Arminius think of this new kingdom, of me?


Well Siggy, whoever this Arminius is, if he was wise would ask “Was the missing child recovered? Did the brand new adventuring party learn anything? Is everyone the better for the whole experience? What harm was done?”

Sigg, we are different. Younderlund is different. We are better. I hope from now until all light fades from the sky we will always be different.


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