Back to real adventuring

I am taking a few moments while we catch our breath to write in your journal Siggy.

As much pain as I am in right now after being lit on fire, it an having a glorious amount of fun. It’s like the old days, two years ago when we were still charting untamed land, and hunting the Stag Bitch . It was the best. Trusting each other, watching each other’s back.

I miss this.

I miss the trust. I miss the excitement. The simplicity of it all. Before we started ruling a kingdom, and getting paranoid.

I don’t miss nearly starving for weeks on end, surviving off of grubs and fang berries. Sleeping on rocks. Cold. In clothing sticky with grime and sweat. That I don’t miss.

I think… After I get cured, if I get cured. I will stay until the threat to Younderlund is dealt with, then… I will see where the wind takes me. I have more than enough gold, and Mal’s magic gear makes camping so much better.

Who knows? For that to happen we have to survive until whatever is behind this is dealt with. And, to be honest, I don’t think we can do that without trusting each other. I know I will try.



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