Building A City

Choosing your Roles
I will fill this in once you have chosen a government

Preparing a District
Once you select a location for your city (which must be in a hex you have explored and cleared), you must pay to have the site cleared and prepared to support the city’s roads and buildings. The cost and time required to clear space in various terrains is detailed on the following table.


You may wish to think about passing some Edicts once you have some citizens.


Once you have prepared your City District, you can start to build. The placement of buildings in your district is left up to you, but two-block and four-block structures cannot be split up (although they can span city streets). It takes one month to construct a building, no matter what size the building is—its benefits apply immediately.

A city’s population is equal to the number of completed city blocks within its districts x 250. A city grid with all of its blocks completed has a population of 9000.

Defensive Modifier:
A city’s Defensive Modifier can be increased by building certain structures (such as city walls) and has an impact on mass combat. Keep track of your city’s Defensive Modifier, but until your city is attacked by an invading force, this value is not used.

Base Value:
Any magic item that has a value equal to or lower than this Base Value is available for purchase 75% of the time for 75% of its market price.

Magical Assistance:
Using construction magic (such as a lyre of building or spells like fabricate or wall of stone) can reduce the cost of a building’s BP by 2 (minimum of 0 BP). This is a one-time reduction, regardless of the amount of magic used. For information on building prices see Building Types.

Building A City

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